Sainsbury’s plans for the Memorial Ground

Sainsbury’s have started a consultation on their plans to redevelop the Memorial Stadium where Bristol Rovers and Bristol Rugby currently play.

Personally I think this is a bad idea all round.

Another supermarket – does Bristol need another supermarket? The area is saturated with them.

Traffic – the Gloucester Road and Muller Road are already very busy. On matchdays there is currently an increase in traffic, but this is only once a week. Another supermarket will mean more cars every day.

CoImagemmunity – I think football and rugby clubs should be part of the community. Part of the traditional matchday experience is to meet friends for a beer in a local pub then walk to the ground. This won’t happen with a new out-of-town ground that people will drive to. So local pubs will suffer and possibly close and football / rugby take another step to being just another consumer item, cut off from their roots.

That’s what I think. You can tell Sainsbury’s what you think here:

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Severn Beach Ale Trail

This is a map I created a while ago showing pubs which you can visit from stations along Bristol’s Severn Beach Line. Many of Bristol’s more interesting pubs are to found in its suburbs and the Severn Beach Line offers a great way to visit them!

This map formed the basis for a leaflet that I made for Friends of Bristol Suburban Railways (FOSBR) called FOSBEER.

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