Sainsbury’s plans for the Memorial Ground

Sainsbury’s have started a consultation on their plans to redevelop the Memorial Stadium where Bristol Rovers and Bristol Rugby currently play.

Personally I think this is a bad idea all round.

Another supermarket – does Bristol need another supermarket? The area is saturated with them.

Traffic – the Gloucester Road and Muller Road are already very busy. On matchdays there is currently an increase in traffic, but this is only once a week. Another supermarket will mean more cars every day.

CoImagemmunity – I think football and rugby clubs should be part of the community. Part of the traditional matchday experience is to meet friends for a beer in a local pub then walk to the ground. This won’t happen with a new out-of-town ground that people will drive to. So local pubs will suffer and possibly close and football / rugby take another step to being just another consumer item, cut off from their roots.

That’s what I think. You can tell Sainsbury’s what you think here:

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